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My first attempt to post crashed on me yesterday, so here goes! Keep in mind I did not check the book before writing down what I saw in the card, so it may not match exactly. I've been trying not to use the book for the past several months.

A dreadlocked hippie-type, walking off the cliff, at once heedless, ignorant, preoccupied with the sights and all his excitement. The monkey is an avatar of conscience, the gator the consequences if the Fool should fall in. (Hm, speaking of 'hippies,' I just realized... this fool could also on occasion be seen as 'tripping out' on some 'quality herbs.' LOL!!)

The items around the fool all denote specific meanings all related to beginnings and the unknown.

Butterfly: metamorphosis
Baby: new beginnings/the clean slate of life ahead waiting for the baby to etch his way through
Eye: the unknown mysteries ahead

The background itself beyond the gator is empty, showing that the journey ahead is as yet unwritten.

I'm drawing a blank on the crystal in his hand...

Entwined lovers - Represent the innocence of Eden.
Ah, it was hard to tell what those two were. I've been thinking of them as a baby & mum. I guess it still works in the context of the fool though. *shrug*

The symbol that most attracts my attention is the Monkey. Here he is embodying the earthly and/or rational thoughts and things being overlooked, as well as the last defense (conscious or not) between the Fool and ruin. As a material being, the monkey may also be/have been a catalyst of sorts for events that occur on the Fool's journey. He reminds me of a blend of Jiminy Cricket and Aladdin's companion monkey, Abu.
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