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Light & Shadow Tarot: The Fool

I think of what's on his head as the traditional 3-belled fool's cap, letting us know that he's playing the part.

The ragged clothing says that he's poor, & not interested in outward appearances or money.

The butterfly he's chasing is elusive (illusive?) desire.

The crystal indicates that he has the power to bring things into focus, but he has to make a conscious effort to use it. He's not doing that at the moment.

The eye is the eye of God. God looks after fools.

Water often stands for emotions. The croccodile shows the danger of entering into emotional relationships. You have to watch out, or you may get swallowed up in the emotion of the moment.

The monkey is his familiar, bringing him back to earth. It connects him to the here & now (animals live in the present).

The lovers are in a bubble. A possibility, maybe a consequence of entering into the sea of emotion.

The flower can stand for many things: the ephemeral nature of beauty, momentary pleasure, innocence, taking time to smell the roses.

A very rich card.
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