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Mark Hannan is with us! :)

We are very excited to have with us Mark Hannan, whose tarot poems appear in the companion book to this deck! He is a new member of AT, known as aadamfox. H will likely be be joining us in this study group. He can perhaps share his poems with us and his unique perspective of this tarot and his experiences with both its creation and his personal study of it, having worked in the studio alongside its author, Michael Goepferd (also referred to by Mark in the below discussions as "MG") during its creation. Our study group may be small, but hopefully it will be mighty!

karenquilter, I enjoyed your interpretation of the card. I like the monkey as the familiar, and the traditional three-belled fool's cap. The insight on his ragged clothing makes sense. He is off on an adventure, and possessions, at least his clothing, have very little importance to him. In fact, I have only just now realized that this Fool does not have the traditional knapsack. So, I look at the crystal as his "bag of tricks" or tools, that he has at his disposal, to use or not.
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