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0. The Fool; Incantation

0. The Fool; Incantation

I? Who am I?
All of these who follow
combined light and shadow evolving.
Mind that though I am everything,
I am nothing
but a fool.


I?: read ego.

Who am I?: vary the tone when speaking it, as each expresses a different question; the existential, identity...

All of these who follow: the deck; the aspects each card represents; generations to come; the pied piper

combined light and shadow evolving.: integration of all aspects

Mind that though I am everything,: all the universe; all generations before and after; "one" with everything; in and of it self "I am everything" is a product of capital M mind...

I am nothing: impermanence; "zero"; no-self; absence of (the) ego

but a Fool!: blissful; freedom; "a fool to even think" that I could know The answer; throw all caution to the elements and live the experience, not of I or they, but of weee! The middle way.

- from the notes for "Incantations", Mark Hannan, 1995, San Francisco, CA.

MG knew this character well. Very well. He did everything, with passion, and robustly. He was strong, a body builder, a gardener. Little ever stopped him. He risked. He was open to every experience and experienced every opening as an opportunity to experience.

Like a method actor, MG dove into the character he was carving into the linoleum - he dug deep (pun intended) to find the nuances, the multiple aspects that comprised the essence of the representation.

The Fool was carved after most the others. He thought he might like to place the Fool, zero, at the end of the deck rather than in its traditional placement. There were enough cogent arguments on either side but in the end he decided not to alter the original math. The image was his priority and so he left theory to the thinkers. He was a seer.

Merry met.
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