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They were written for this deck after MG completed his first self-printed edition. I have such a poor memory, I needed something to help me remember the meanings better. The writing of them was not collaborative with MG. I presented them to him when they were all complete. Then made a few edits after our conversations.

I struggled with what to name these verses. I don't consider them poems per se, but more like fragments of a whole. Since I was working within the wiccan community at the time, magickal work was part of my daily life. Meditations might be a better word now that I review them again and because that is how I used them. Not for spells so much but I imagine someone who has knowledge of that practice could do so.

These were crafted not as mirrors of the cards but as companions. You will see that a few of them are a "little off" from the image depicted. I had studied many decks and traditions, and was trying to impart a verbal rendition of the meaning with the L&S cards as inspiration. MG & I talked about each card before, during and after the carving so I also knew what his intention was with each. That informed these too. I mostly used these, the full spread's worth as a poem, to give to clients to remember their reading. I also was heavy into dream work and these proved quite useful. But mostly, they are used as meditations.

L&S was his title.

One can use them anyway one wants or is inspired to use them. I believe in the concept that that which is named, given voice (through words) becomes manifest. Also, speaking helps get one out of the head and into the activity of voicing ones intent, which is a powerful motivator.

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No preference.

Hope this is useful info. Uploaded the Magician and The High Priestess to the thread.
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