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Are their pictures of your dogs on your site? IF there are I'll look at them and imortalize them on cartoon tarot card What card would they be?
I was thinking about my dog last night. She'd be judgment, sitting in the pound looking out with sad, longing eyes. We found her at the pound on the day she was to be put down. Gorgeous 6 month old pure bred black lab. Then 2 days later she came down with parvo, we took the gamble and had her treated. 4 days later she was home again, SAVED. What a week. That'll be her card. I'll do some more later today.
If anyone has a pic of their doggie I could include them as well. My son doesn't care who's dog I'm drawing, but some of them will be in unnatural colors, because, hey- sometimes he wants me to draw a green dog, and sometimes that's fun.
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