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This is SOOO cute... and it looks so much like my little "Taco" Chi
I think you have captured the "hoarding" aspect of this breed!

Case in point:
My little Taco (my youngest Chi) sleeps in a white antique bassinet next to my bed.
I check under his blankies (a word?) now and then to see just "how many"
doggie treats he has hoarded! The last time I looked, I found about 2 lbs of treats
hoarded by him. He only weighs about 2 lbs! ...and he had a terrible
fit when I took most of them away! ... too funny!

I can hardly wait until you finish your Doggie Deck...PLEASE let me know.
List me!

Will keep checking back here to see the different breeds you add in the future...

Love it!

Originally Posted by Callistabell
Oh, the site locked up on me last night. Here it is. I wasn't quite sure where this little Chihuahua would be having his stand off. I thought in a park, facing down bigger dogs threatening to take the bones???? A city park, a tough little city chihuahua. No one around manu e manu...well, dogu e dogu.
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