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Oh these are just getting better and better! I would love to add my name to the list of I want a deck! LOL

The leashes.. lol reminds me of my Cougie. She is a cross of Short haired Border Collie and Malamute or something along those lines. She has short but thick black hair, with a heart on her chest in all white, but the body of a Collie, cute curled right over tail and adorable half flipped over ears. Well put a leash on her and OMG! She turns into this evil sled dog! She has dragged me into traffic, four foot ditches, across ice you name it. I had to get a gentle leader to walk her! Even then she still tries to pull me. I'm sure we are hilarious to watch. She's normally such a sweet dog till you put a leash on her! ARG! So leashes could be lot's of fun! lmao

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