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Wow. Shiny.

these are wonderful so far! i think my fave is the king of frisbees, but all of them show a lot of talent... deft use of expression and color so that you get a load of characterization from such deceptively simple drawings. i think they'd be pretty straightforward to read with.

plus... i mean... dogs! how can you go wrong? i work with the general public - most days, i think dogs are better than people. easier to deal with, anyway. heh.

add me to the list of people lusting after this deck if/when you complete it. i bet it would start out as a "just for fun" deck... and then every so often it'd knock you flat with a reading that takes your breath away. let us know, okay?

seriously seriously. i'd even consider buying a 'king of frisbees' print. he's so utterly happy!
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