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Originally Posted by Callistabell
Oh, wow. The doggie-love-of-my-life, Simon, is a German Shephard. (Don't tell my new puppy that I referred to Simon like that. I love my new puppy sooo much too.) Simon was my first dog with my husband. We adopted him a month before we got married, and what a companion! Sleeping at the foot of my bed. Giving me sympathy through my pregnancy and morning sickness. (No cable tv, no job, just me and him.) One of the most special relationships I've ever had. I called him "Tomba", and the fool card is based on him. I titled it "the Mutt", but he's a pure bred sable GShep (no black saddle). I'm going to change it to The Stray. It fits better as the fool card anyway. --so says my husband, too.
Kaiser (our Shepherd) fits the "Fool" profile quite well, LOL!

Here is a pic of him from September (he turned four years old that month):
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