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your beautiful deck - and a secret desire for the illegal one....

OK - this is awfully rude. I OWN the Golden Tarot. It is the most beautiful deck ever, and for some reason, cards just jump right out no matter the querent. Seriously - I am no tarot expert, but for some reason, with this deck, I'm like the Derek Acorah of tarot.

However. I saw your web deck. I REALLY WANT THE ORIGINAL DEATH CARD....

Oh please, please, please... where can I get that card?.....

I know, I know, I shouldn't, but I really wan't it.....

PLlllleeeeaase..... So I have an idea. If I find an illegal deck, can I pay the vendor and send you the same amount in recompense? Just so I can get that card?

Oh dear = v unPC tarot person...
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