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Arrow New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - X--The Market [Wheel of Fortune]

The French Market in New Orleans. There are drums, gourds/pots, fabrics, fruits and vegetables, and staffs for sale. Vendors (customers?) are dressed in purple. The background is gold. A coyote figure (trickster?) in the center sells staffs; the one in his right hand resembles a snake. A sphinx (royal guardian) lays near the coyote, in repose.

This is a very richly colored card and one of my favorites in the deck.

Purple=highly intuitive, know what customers want?
Pots/gourds=storage, cooking
Staff/snakes: allusion to Moses/Aaron (in Bible)?
Sphinx: riddles, wisdom, royal guardian
Marketplace: busyness (“business”), community

NOVT book: card indicates interdependence.
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