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Okay, Hi everybody! I've been hard at work on the Doggies and I'm one card away from completing the suit of Leads (swords) I am really happy with the way its turning out and I've begun taking steps to find a publisher. We'll see how that goes, but I've got a good feeling. I got a reading several days ago that told me to be "protective" of my creations, so I've taken the card images down. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just following the advice of the cards. And I think that most people who are active on the forum who have seen been looking around, have already seen them. I would like to post some cards to show you all, but I in the future I will only leave them up for a little while and then take them down. I've been coming up with some nice imagery/ symbolism with the dogs, with the help of my husband, and I'm so glad at how the pips are coming along. I'm working in a sort of out-of-wack sequence, but hey- that's what working for me now, so I'm going with it. Like I said earlier, the final trumps were frustrating me so I skipped ahead. I might do the aces next, I can't wait to share my idea on those with all of you. I'll keep you in the loop, ....and think good thoughts for me on publication if you will (if you like my little doggies' faces. I'd appreciate it.

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