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numbers part 1

i noticed lots of people running the first six cards around clockwise, and though that is nice as far as the layout goes and the throwing is done i would like to explain why i like my version
<<just fyi not because i think it is 'better'>>
card 1 and 2 - the querent and the obstacle( this is where we mostly agree)
card 3 - i place on the top because 3 represents a triangle thus
card 4- i put on the bottom , because 4 represents a square also in my reading it represents the foundation
*/* the square just seems to
* make a stronger foundation

i do this because to me tarot is not only the picture but the chronology of the picture and the placement...

5 and 6 are on either side of 1/2
5 is recent past and 6 is near future
does anyone else think of their layouts like this?
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