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the Magician

For me, one of the must pagan themed cards in this deck, along with others like the High Priestess or the Judgement, because it's a representation of the Horned God (Cernunnos), like Lewen has already said.

It shows to me the male energie/strenght and beauty (why not? ), but in a savage or subconcious way, represented by the stag on his head (our animal side? maybe...).

He is doing magic, i have no doubt. Because of the objects on the table (athame, the cup, the wand and the pentacle) and when one makes magic, one trys to change something. So, i guess it represents a change that is coming or at least the atempt to make a change.

The candles in the back, for me represent balance. For the contrast, black and white/good and wrong/ying and yang... so, i guess in order to have success (shown by the light in the candles) there must be balance.

In the right hand, he is offering the infinity, so i guess it means that the possibilities are endless...

Didn't merged into reversed yet (in fact i'm a bit affraid of them, because i have read that reversed cards ussually mean bad things!), but it fell... and i've seen it reversed! What caught my eye, was the yellow part of the card (head and horns). What's that mean? HELP!!
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