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Whew. I had a lot of catching up to do in this thread. lol.

Originally Posted by sravana
Hey Allure,
that's very interesting! I'd be interested in how they map the Majors on to the seasons - that could be applicable to other decks, rather like the Wheel of Change Tarot Tree is another way to visualize the Majors.
Here it is.

Spring - Emerging: old ways of being leads to new growth: Magician, High Priestess, Sun, Beyond Judgment
Summer - Manesfesting: the bud of creativity is nurtured to frutation: The Empress, The Emperor, The Luminary(Heiroprhant), The Lovers & Chariot
Autumn - Relinquishing: letting go of habitual ideas about success & achievement allows the discovery of new was of relating : Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fourtune, Strength and Hanged One.
Winter- Transforming: Evaluating and reflecting may lead to changes which are accompanied by some sense of separating from or drawing to a close a particular phase of your life: Death, Renewal,(Temprance in most decks) Death

...Lost two cards from my deck. The 8 of Wind Songs and the Hanged One. Luckily I still have the extra(blanks) that came with the deck. I have been using them represent the missing cards until my replacement cards arrive.

I have not tired of my deck nor do I desire to read with another. I didn't restrict myself from looking at others though. Tarot art brings me pleasure.

I don't what advice I can offer that is helpful to those who are struggling because I believe choosing the right deck is essential to sticking this out. If you have been working the deck every single day, you may just be burned out. Understandably so. Ditto if this your second or third back to back IDS. I try to get at least 2 days a week without touching them.

On my progress...Well, I have many cards to go. Most of the readings I've done are about serious/major issues. Certain cards come up a lot and I'm really trying to focus on learning the "lesson" than getting caught up on too many cards. My end date was Sept 15 but I doubt I'll be done.
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