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Originally Posted by Allure
Spring - Emerging: old ways of being leads to new growth: Magician, High Priestess, Sun, Beyond Judgment
Summer - Manesfesting: the bud of creativity is nurtured to frutation: The Empress, The Emperor, The Luminary(Heiroprhant), The Lovers & Chariot
Autumn - Relinquishing: letting go of habitual ideas about success & achievement allows the discovery of new was of relating : Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fourtune, Strength and Hanged One.
Winter- Transforming: Evaluating and reflecting may lead to changes which are accompanied by some sense of separating from or drawing to a close a particular phase of your life: Death, Renewal,(Temprance in most decks) Death
Allure, thank you for typing this up. It's very interesting!

I've been humming along with the Hadar since I got it on Sunday - it had been delivered on Sat to the apartment office, and I didn't check the mail until the office was closed for the day. It arrived about a week earlier than had expected it to arrive - I am/was psyched.

Recently I've been exploring a couple of threads on reading with the Marseilles: the Tirage en Croix Spread and the Astrological Spread. In the first, Melanchollic gives his elemental correspondences for the trumps in post 9, and I've been looking at my own arrangement of the cards re: element, because I'm not sure that his works for me right now. He has a simple, classically based formula for the elements:
Originally Posted by Melanchollic
Elemental Fire has a fast reaction time, and long duration.
Elemental Air has a fast reaction time, and short duration.
Elemental Water has a slow reaction time, and a short duration.
Elemental Earth has a slow reaction time, and a long duration.
and the idea of reaction time + duration = element certainly simplifies things! Right now I'm comparing my choices with his, and meditating on the differences.

I've also ordered several books: Huson's Mystical tarot, plus 2 astrological books (on horary and on the classical houses) - the latter 2 because they will help me sort out the astrological spread. If you're interested in looking at the spread, Mel described it in this thread. It's an awesome yes/no spread.
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