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This card is beautifully erotic and innocent at the same time. This youthful girl/woman is our innermost essence…….a guide that leads us to ecstasy if we are willing to approach her with an open heart and mind.

When our overworked brain is exhausted, she helps to silence the babble, so the body can let go and sink into the mysteries of a hidden energy, a higher vibration that heats our blood and organs yet at the same time, cools the mind.

Rooted in our true nature, her energy nourishes us within and without. It’s as if we can see her energy pattern as well as feel it genitally. What’s happening? What’s going on? We are becoming deeply aware and more sensitive to our physical sensations and intuitive feelings. Our senses are awakened. These must be respected and explored further if we are to make use of them.

Instead of stagnation, there is beauty, warmth, full awareness, growth and change. Our tree or tree of life will soon bud and begin to blossom.
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