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Step 11 - best/worst case scenario technique

I'm working with 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card right now and I'm up to Step #11, where you take different cards and try to come up with the "best case scenario" and "worst case scenario" for what the cards could be representing.

For example, the 5 of Wands from the Rider-Waite might represent "people from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds coming together and finding ways to make their unique experience work really well together" in a best-case scenario, or it might represent "street violence" or some other event where everybody ends up getting hurt by each other in a worst-case scenario.

Has anyone else got good examples of when they've used this technique and what they came up with? How have you used it to help you better understand certain cards? When have you used it in readings and how has it affected the reading to use this technique? Any other insights? For me I'm finding it one of the most useful new ways I've learned to open me up to the range of possibilities that a card can represent and getting me out of the boxes my immediate first assumptions like me to think in, as far as whether a card is "positive" or "negative".
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