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I've had my touchstone for about 24 hours now and have done a couple one card draws for people on the trade train last night. So I want to expand on my first impressions.

While I obviously adored the deck from the beginning I wondered about the readability. When I looked at the cards they didn't seem to tell a story. But now after drawing a couple cards for myself and doing the couple on the train yesterday I can safely say they read great!!

What I found was they read differently than any other deck I've had. Each card really is like a person......and you have to give that person a chance to speak.

Now though I'm wondering how they'll do in a larger I've only done one card readings. Because the one card talks up a storm. How will more than one card readings work? Will it be like a crowd of people all trying to talk at once? LOL

Oh and after my reaction to the Knight of Swords yesterday......guess who I got today as my card of the day? Yep, the Knight of Swords.
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