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Originally Posted by Umbrae
Here in the modern world of Tarot we often jostle amongst ourselves attempting to reach consensus; as though there is an absolute right and wrong in Tarot, that we should ‘see’ everything regardless of cultural or personal differences. This I don’t believe is possible. Each participant in the story in Roshamon experienced truth – differently. None were wrong, only incomplete.
I'm reminded of an old saying that I was told came from the Torah or Talmud, I don't recall which (a Google search attributes it to Anais Nin): "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

It is true, I think, that there are experiences we might like to avoid and which strip away all our facades and leave us exposed as we truly are. Traumatic circumstances can show us the truth of ourselves much more clearly than living in our comfort zone, and I think usually they show us strengths that we never knew we had.

Losing a parent can leave us feeling unsupported. Even as adults, many of us come to think of our parents as our "backup plan" -- someone we can fall back on if we fail or need help. Losing them can make us feel small and vulnerable in the world. It seems to me the experience showed Heidi what she's made of, and how she copes with life's extremes without her parent there (at least in the flesh) as a backup.

We never really finish growing up. Each step in life is part of the process.

I can think of times when I thought I was over something, some big grief or wound, and an experience would come along that brought it all back to the surface again, so I found myself not only dealing with the new circumstance, but a lot of leftover feelings from the old one that I thought was over and done with. It's interesting how life keeps bringing those things around until we really are done with them at all levels.

But back to what Tarot can do for us, I think it's a question similar to what higher education can do for us, or what exercise or a particular nutritional plan can do for us. The answer will differ for each person at least a little, sometimes a lot. It seems to me that every time we have a Tarot reading that shows us something like what was shown (yet not seen in advance) in Heidi's reading, it reinforces the lesson or value of the experience, because it makes us look at it with different eyes than if there had been no Tarot reading. Look how she was able to examine the experience with the class, when if there'd been no Tarot reading she might have wanted to just forget it as soon as possible.

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