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The Sphinx is one of the greatest wonders of the world. As I looked at this card and read what Julie wrote.....this is what came to mind.....

Where did you come from? What makes you tick? Why do you do the things you do? Where do you fit in the world outside of yourself? What is the relationship between you and everyone else? How do you keep yourself together when everything around you is falling apart?

We are all packaged differently but we all ‘put out’ from where we’re coming from and we’re all coming from our mothers, our homes and our sleep, our unconscious. We don’t necessarily understand it but we are conscious of a radio transmission being broadcasted from Me to You and You to Me. This is where your insides rise out to effect other people.

So we put out into the world from outside of ourselves what we think we need to do or what we think we have to do or what effects we want to make. And this will also depend on where you're anchored socially from and what you are personnally attracting to yourself by spinning out of your most deepest point (the roots of where you’re coming from, familiar patterns that repeat from that mysterious power point from within and your voice of inner conscience) and projecting out.

Our mother’s (Moon) were the first encounter we had with being nurtured and loved. What happened between us and our moms have already shaped and influenced all our relationships to come. Unconsciously she knew what role to play in this lifetime to set the stage for our basic habits, and patterns of eating, sleeping, smoking and hygiene. And included in this all inclusive package are our fears, inspirations, ambitions, motivations and purpose in life. After all she was the first love of your life. Unknowingly she hovers near, magnetically attracting, controlling and following us throughout our lives, psychologically testing us to our very core. Beautiful yet frightfully alluring, giving yet on condition, happy and smiling one moment, angry, sad, depressed or frowning the next. As children, our fragile existence was dependent on Mother’s care and we quickly lost our happy childhood innocence to watching, anticipating and responding to HER needs and wants, suppressing and harboring our own pleasures and sorrows somewhere deep inside.

Within our tribal circle an imprint of their values and beliefs became etched into our nervous system. Every experience every reaction became etched into our bodily armor and into our personality which could come back to haunt us later on in life.

We then faced an uphill battle of pushing ourselves through all kinds of experiences to break the molds of the past, to conquer our fears and redeem and evolve our spirits. But to do this we each have to fight for our lives by separating from our families and the influence of the woman who had given us life. Individually we each have to figure this out for ourselves.
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