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I think there is too much focus on the cards and what they are supposedly trying to tell us, and not enough on the reader as an individual and how they read. It is our job to decipher. And it is difficult, if it wasn't then there would be no need for us because everyone would read their own cards.

I don't just look at my cards, I listen, I pay attention to sensations in my body, I still my mind to make room for images that may come.

“Everyone in class agreed that they could never have predicted a bank robbery from the cards Heidi had drawn.” I just can't get over this. I think it is a stretch to try to fit the cards to her experience. She was not harmed so why would she be alerted to such an event anyway? And what question was the tarot answering here? I don't believe one was asked.

Why are tarot readers so quick to discredit the predictive qualities of tarot but so quick to elevate themselves neck and neck with Jung and Freud without any formal psych training?

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