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There's a certain pragmatism in my approach. Predictive tarot worksósometimesóbut is not always reliable because of our own failure to understand or because change is possible or quite a few other things including it not always being in our best interest to know the direction things will go. Among other things it can be disempowering and/or demoralizing.

I try not to ignore it when it knocks loudly and insists I pay attention, but, as a reader I've looked for where I can be the most consistently helpful (both to myself and others).

That's when I came up with the statement, "Tarot helps me meet whatever comes in the best possible way." The "whatever comes" is really important. I try not to be tied to a single possibility or limited by a single outcome (that may or may not come to pass).

I imagine this as taking a stance, as Feldenkrais describes it, in which I can use my full potential to move equally well in any direction as needed. To do that I have to come to a dynamic center and be aware of and have access to a whole range of options. Insight (versus prediction) helps me exist within a dynamic and react to each event without the constraints of expectations that may not be accurate.

On the other hand, prediction (most often as probability), can help me be aware of opportunities and of consequences to otherwise unrecognized or even unknown actions. I don't want to throw it out, but it is not, for me, the baseline from which I operate, only one of the elements with which I work.

Am not sure if this makes sense, as I'm only now adding some of these implications to my chosen definition of tarot. I appreciate this discussion and everyone's ideas tremendously.
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