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Your paintings are beautiful Julie and I love how you've used symbolism and your own intuition to create it. Both Dionysus and Sekhmet have transformed and united evoking a recognition of who they (we) really are, behind the veils of illusion. To me it is an opportunity to recreate and re-encounter ourselves through the awakening of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

As always happens, more thoughts came to me of this painting after I had walked away from the computer. I looked up the 'cobra' in relation to Egyptian myth and it's name has also been called Uraeus, an emblem of 'Lower Egypt' and associated with the 'King', the Sun and the 'fiery eye of Ra' that was worn as a headdress for the royalty.

I'd like to know what inspired you to paint this Julie and the symbolism behind it.

The cobra also represents the Kundalini, this name escaped me when I had written earlier. If awakened abruptly it can show its displeasure by hissing and with a sharp sting that can create jolts of energy too strong for our system.

The kundalini is said to hold secrets that when awakened can bring about a vibrational transformation.

Also loving intention, purity of heart (lionheart) and compassion are prerequisites for true spiritual progress. This painting is quite enlightening!
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