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There's much to this card, but the first thing that came to mind was that the deep waters of the sea are a common symbol for the inner self. It is a spiritual journey of going inward to the depths of our being.

If we act on our childlike impulses alone, we could plunge into deep waters recklessly and dangerously moved by impulse, curiousity and when we're overexcited. Then again we can turn a flee because of fear, without the courage to hear and follow the call of our spirit.

We need to explore, spend time and reach out to our 'child within', breaking down barriers and seeing him/her as a precious and lovable part of ourselves. After a birth there is a time of embracing the new born child, resting and nursing.

It is a lifelong process of birthing and nurturing our child, enabling us to discover and rediscover the newness within ourselves. We often learn by trial and error. Being in touch with our emotions helps to understand what is hindering the process of an inner birth from actualizing. Instead of 'bearing down' we need to relax and let go. Tell that to any woman giving birth to a child and I bet she'll tell you in no uncertain terms to go to h*ll.

I also see similarities with your painting Julie and the I Ching or Yijing Hexagram 47 K'un/Oppression (Exhaustion)....lake above, water below. Some have attributed this Hexagram to The Wheel of Fortune, and although the naming of this Hex is somewhat somber, it has a much greater meaning.

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