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I use Thoth Tarot, and ...

In an old thread that sprang to life again recently (see How to appreciate Crowley?), sapienza said:
Originally Posted by sapienza
ETA- The reason I'm posting this question is that after reading through this thread, I'm starting to feel that it would be 'wrong' or 'looked down on' to just use this deck without becoming a Crowley devotee
And I said:
Originally Posted by Nevada
I suspect there are a lot of people on Aeclectic who use the Thoth deck but don't necessarily agree with Crowley, and who, even if they've read a smattering of his writings, don't consider themselves his advocates.

Might make an interesting poll, if one hasn't been done before.
So I searched for a poll, very briefly I confess, and didn't find one. I'm curious about this myself.

I could only use 100 characters per question, so what I really meant was whether one thinks it's necessary to read Crowley's writings, and how much of them, in order to get the best use out of the tarot deck.

Edited to add: It is in no way the purpose of this poll to cast judgement on anyone's use of the Thoth, with or without Crowley's writings. I'm just curious and hope to get a handle on the numbers of people who use the Thoth with Crowley's writings, and those who use it without. I also apologize for the limited list of choices and the fact that I didn't add "Other". It was late...

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