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I would gladly take the first choice but me, instead of what is written, I would have put: "and I use it only because of Andrea Serio's artwork.

Yes, I've had a Thoth for a few years, I just think it's important for a serious tarot student to discover more about the three main decks/traditions and to own a deck of each and so I got a RWS (the Radiant), a Tarot de Marseille (Fournier) and the Thoth Tarot of course, I even got the Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot by DuQuette right after I got the Thoth. The thing is, I've never really connected with the Thoth Tarot and the art so the book and the deck were kind of taking dust. I've got to admit that the deck was put down in my throat by some persons who thought you're a complete idiot and fake if you do not fall in love with the deck and do think it's the most marvelous thing in the universe and well... More I'm told to do something, less I want to do it and more they wanted me to use the Thoth, less I wanted to have anything to do with the deck.

It was like this up until I bought my Liber T Tarot of Stars Eternal with Andrea Serio as the artist. This deck is so magnificent, it blows my mind. Where I was not getting anything from the Thoth, I'm mesmerized by the Liber T. I really do not care about Crowley, his Telema and Kabbalah (badly spelled I'm sure). But I've read since his Book of Thoth, Book T by the GD, Tarot decoded by Hazel, The Crowley Tarot by Akron-Hajo Banzhaf. Also there are a few good websites: (in The Arts section)

So no, I don't think you need to have read all the books from Crowley or know Kabbalah in order to use the deck. Crowley may find fortune-telling too common but I love it, people have being doing fortune-telling for milleniums, it's a very old and venerable ritual/tradition.
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