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I don't believe it's really necessary to read anything by Crowley to use the deck, the LWB has standard divinatory meanings. I pretty much agree with what Nevad said in the other thread:

"I've only read one of his books. I didn't like his writing style. I found it obtuse and cryptic, where it wasn't downright incoherent. Just my opinion. But I don't keep reading entire series of books if I don't care for the writing. Some of his ideas and passages of his writing were fine, some even poetic, so I'm not throwing it out as garbage. I'm just not reading any further. There are probably a million or so books out there I want to read. I know I can't read them all in my lifetime, so I don't waste my reading time on writing I don't get more from than I did from his."

I've read four Crolwey biographies, and I've read one of his own works all the way through, in addition to parts of others. I have found most of his writing to be little more than self-indulgent rambling.
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