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Although there is no required reading in tarot, I always read the book, little or large, that goes with any deck to try to get the full effect. (I guess that's MY required reading.)

I use the Thoth regularly, after I cut off the keywords/titles. I dutifully read the Book of Thoth--several times. Yes, it can be obtuse and difficult, and I admit DuQuette's and Banzhaf's books were necessary for me to get through it the first time, but that's because there's a lot of information in it.

(It is obtuse and difficult in a completely different way than Pictorial Key, which seems to be so on purpose!)

Otherwise, I'm not a big Crowley fan, or fan of magick in general. So, with the background provided by DuQuette, Banzhaf, and Snuffin, I feel like I am well enough informed by reading only Crowley's books related to tarot and symbolism--Book of Thoth, the little GD Tarot Divination book, and 777.
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