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I'm so glad people are finding the poll and voting!

I have a dream ... that all Thoth users on Aeclectic will vote in this poll. But I understand it's not a perfect poll, for which I apologize, and I want to point out something I added in an edit to my first post in the thread -- that I in no way intend this poll to cast judgement, or be used to cast judgement, on anyone's methods, knowledge, or use of Thoth, with or without Crowley's writings. This is all about celebrating the differences and variety in our approaches to learning and reading with the Thoth Tarot.
Originally Posted by missycab
Well, I'm a sucker for the images!!! Yay!!! Pretty pictures!!!

Besides, the Thoth, the Marseille and RWS are "classics". I always wanted to have each of them. Try them, and find the one I connect. Result: RWS is the winner. But sometimes I feel drawn to use the other two.
I love the artwork too, missycab, and I think the Thoth is one of the classics that gives one a well-rounded experience with tarot. I didn't know that when I started. It was my second deck, and I knew next to nothing about tarot at the time, but ... I loved the artwork.

Originally Posted by rachelcat
I use the Thoth regularly, after I cut off the keywords/titles.


So, with the background provided by DuQuette, Banzhaf, and Snuffin, I feel like I am well enough informed by reading only Crowley's books related to tarot and symbolism--Book of Thoth, the little GD Tarot Divination book, and 777.
The keywords are another sticking point for a lot of people. I just got the Haindl deck, which uses some similar keywords, as well as some very different ones, and I have to say I don't care for Crowley's keywords, but Haindl has given me a new grip on the usefulness of keywords. I like his (newer ones), and may begin applying them to all my tarot reading, with other decks as well.

You are more well-read than I am, at least with books on the Thoth, rachelcat! I plan to read DuQuette, but when I started out, back in the 80s, I got stuck on Gerd Ziegler's book, Tarot: Mirror of the Soul -- which I think put me "out there" compared to the more Crowley-oriented Thoth readers. Waaay different approaches, IMO!

Originally Posted by thorhammer
I haven't picked any of the above, coz none apply to me. I'm just starting with the Thoth, and intend, at this stage, to read as much about it as I can get my hands on, whether it be Crowley, DuQette, Banzhaf or other. This is only because I want to have a certain grounding in the deck, and I by no means think that there's a right or a wrong way to go about it. Just for me, I'd think I was "copping out" if I threw out all the work that's been put into it and *just* read it intuitively. I think there's more to it than that.
You already know a lot more about the various approaches to learning this deck than I did when I started, Thorhammer.

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