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Hmm. I just tried laying out my own Silicon Dawn deck (which is definitely GD-inspired) along these lines and it is definitely a much more compelling interpretation of the Majors than the Fool's Journey. The way the three Virtues are framed by the rest of the Majors is intriguing.

The way the Priestess and Priest end up aligned is very pleasing, but the splitting up of the Empress and Emperor bugs me. There's also something interesting happening with the way the two-color floors are spread out - there are only three in the whole of the Majors, and they each end up in a different path.

How extra Majors will fit depends on where they fall in the sequence. In the SD, the extra Major is clearly marked as not part of the same sequence; it's X as opposed to the 1-21 of the rest. Placing it to the right seemed to balance the Fool in a pleasing way.

I am also looking forwards to see how the final three-Fool version of the SD will work with this - there will be a Maiden, Mother, and Crone fool, with the Crone the one I've already done. I am figuring that a column of Fools laid out in the same order as the rest of the Majors would correspond pretty well.

I know I'll be doing a revision/tightening pass on the deck before publication; I may well decide to weave something in to strengthen this view of the Majors.

I am undecided about its application to the Minors and Courts. I dealt the Courts out in an order based the order I arrange a newly-made deck (QKCP, for
C A 3 5 7 9 Q
P 2 4 6 8 0 K) and it almost made sense; the unique gender dynamics of the SD's courts make it more complicated. I only dealt out Wands and Pents, not having room for all four suits unless I used the floor.

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