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I could just frame that picture and put it on my wall! Would that property taxes weren't due in a couple of months, I'd buy one of your special editions of that deck. (sigh....)

I'm making (some slow) progress with my exploration of how the Seven Stations applies to the Ancient Egyptian Tarot. The Outer Path is solid. I've rewritten all or part of the Inner Path many times. But I keep hitting the wall with the Hidden Path when I try to apply it to the cards. I understand what the Hidden Path is about when I read it, but when I try to apply it I draw a blank. So I guess I don't really understand what it's about then, huh?

Tehuti, I have Tarot Mirrors and actually have already pulled that layout for studying the Majors. I don't believe I even considered it against the Seven Stations at the time, but will give it a look-see sometime this week and report back. (My memory of the layout in Tarot Mirrors is that the 6 cards that circled the center card were related to it, unlike the Seven Stations which has relations across the paths and down the stations. But I will look again.)

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