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Redux time

OK, I see it's been over a year since I posted on this thread.

I guess it's time to start moving forward again. This thing really took on a life of its own, didn't it? Thanks to everyone, especially rcarter for all the contributions you've made here.

To get this thing going again, I'm wondering how to proceed. I obviously researched and wrote a lot of stuff that's no longer fresh in memory. So do I go re-read the whole thread and take off on new tangents as I go? Do I re-read the whole thread and reorganize the whole thing into a PDF doc or website that's easier to browse and understand? Do I lay out different decks in the Seven Stations / Three Paths arrangement WITHOUT rereading the thread, so I'm approaching the topic with fresh eyes? Do I do ALL of these (Do I have time to do all of these)?

Not sure which way to go yet, but I'm thinking I will start by laying out some cards and looking at the stories the imagery tells.

It does seem to me that the most important aspect of this perspective is to provide an alternative to the Fool's Journey in examining the entire Major Arcana as an interrelated whole - speculating on the totality of its meaning as a story, or actually as three stories.

All the numerological, astrological, alchemical, kabbalistic, hermetic correspondences we may find, and all the spreads we may devise, should remain as factors and derivations of the overall archetypal patterns we recognize in the sequences themselves.

If anyone is still listening, I'd love to get the conversation going again.

BTW, Egypt Urnash, not only is that a gorgeous deck but I'm immensely flattered to see it laid out in this pattern and shared with the world this way.
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