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Originally Posted by Marchal
I pulled this card in a one-card reading asking about the querent´s future financial situation. I am a bit at a loss with interpreting (too used to RWS symbology I think). Any suggestions as to the special symbology of this Alchemical tarot card with regard to the question?
OK, that is how I worded my reading (borrowing a little bit from different sources - especially from Leisa's posting above):

"In the Alchemical Tarot deck The Devil is portrayed by a red dragon sitting on an alchemical vessel. The vessel is winged with the wings of Hermes/Mercury.
In the center of the vessel, a black substance is formed; the alchemical goal of the nigredo has been reached, coagulation, reducing matter to a solid state and entrapping it. The vessel and its nigredo center give the impression of a staring eye - an all-seeing devil`s eye or a reminder to try
and develop a "third eye" with wich to look beyond the conscious mind.
The dragon spits fire of destruction and misery.
A hermaphrodite with two heads - one male, one female, a parody of Trum VI, The Lovers, - is chained to dragon and vessel, seemingly unable to break free and follow a higher path symbolized by the crowns on both heads and a searching
look on the two faces. The hermaphroditic figure is naked apart from two crossed triangles - male and female - covering the genital region - the nakedness is very sensual and reminds of strong sexual energies - among other often hidden energies - in the Devil card.

The Devil card usually points to our - illusionary but strong - bondage to inner mental and emotional forces that hold us prisoners, demons within, our Jungian Shadow, devilish influences of the subconcious, such as fears, prejudices, socially created "realities", tabus, "beast parts", suppressed
aspects of our personality which cause blind spots, limitations, deviant behavior and hinder our true development and progress to our true Self.
In that sense the alchemical process of nigredo can symbolize the necessary attempt to join conscious knowledge and unconscious Shadow for becoming Whole.
The "third eye" is looking at and seeing those shadow aspects of personality, is aware of the inner darkness and sheding necessary light on it.
The Devil card is about self-deception and greed as things that bind us -perhaps there is more to your situation - and more important aspects - than "just" your budget? Perhaps you are too fixed on your financial situation and would have to look at why that is so and what other factors you might be missing at the moment? Perhaps your view should broaden and reach out beyond the narrowly materialistic?
On the other hand the card is about "gluttony", addiction, substance-abuse, compulsory behavior, self-defeating patterns of living, habituation, dependency, controlling obsessions, e.g. sexual ones - it may be that one of these cause budget problems and endanger your financial situation?

The card is about chains - which can be broken, but in order to slip them off it seems you will have to make them conscious and visible to yourself first.
The devil´s chains are usually illusionary - the Devils is a trickster - and subject to the free will of our true Self and the power of successful shadow work - so your prospects are good
as the master of your own fate. I wish you all the best for that way."

Any other ideas or aspects you would add?

Kind regards

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