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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
The Page of Pentacles stands posed with a pentacle in his left hand and a large wrench in the right hand. He wears a red cloak trimmed in gold, but his body is made of metal machinery. His hands are actually metal claws, kind of like pliers. A factory is in the background, and nuts and bolts are scattered at his feet. He is staring at the pentacle in his left hand.

Have you ever seen the movie Robots? This guy reminds me of the main character. He is a young guy who has gone to the big city to make a name for himself. I have always seen the Page of Pentacles as one who works hard and good with his hands. The student who is learning and perfecting his abilities.

Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Why are those nuts and bolts at his feet? Did he try to "fix" something and those nuts and bolts were leftover...and may have been necessary to whatever he was fixing?

I get a sense that he built that pentacle from scratch.
I got a flash of my father's garage when I see those little bits and pieces left over. When my father is working on a project there always seems to be pieces left over but he always finds what he needs.

Then, I look at the feet of the Page and I think of my Mother's closet? Huh . . . high heels on the Page of Pentacles. It seems awfully dressy for the work but hey the little worker is wearing a cape to and seems to make it work.

Originally Posted by afrosaxon
The wrench...why so big? Like it's overkill or overcompensation. He is favoring what he perceives as power, over finesse and skill. Like people who carry extra-big guns or drive extra-big trucks.

I like where you are going with the overcompensating but I thought of something a little different. I saw the wrench as a symbol of ability. He is able to handle the job. Or that he is learning to use them, maybe.

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