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TotOP: XVII The Star


The Star Goddess, a beautiful blonde woman, is pouring waters from two conch shells, one into the river, another on to the land. In the left forefront is a beautiful white iris, symbolizing cleansing and purification. In the right forefront is a sextant, held in a pair of hands perhaps symbolizing that we do have the means to find our way. And in the left distance is an observatory, an oddly modern structure, possibly indicating that we can obtain meaning from the heavens. In the deep blue sky in the background hover seven stars around a bigger star, representing the older known planets.

This is a fairly simply, relatively uncluttered card. After the devastation of the Tower, perhaps we have been reduced to simple, elemental things? The predominent colour is cool, clear but substantial blue and the image overall is one of hope and purification. Possibly this is one of the simpler Majors in Tarot of the Old Path to understand.

It is one of the feminine cards, clearly in image and association. If one looks at the number XVII, it reduces to VIII Strength, another feminine card. It is affirming for women to have these strong archetypes in the Tarot.

Star has traditionally been associated with Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Aquarius has Uranus (contemporary) and Saturn (traditional) as its Rulers. Aquarius can be seen as a sign of transformation. The soul has encountered the Devil and the then the Tower and emerges, transformed and focused towards its higher purpose. Star provides us with a glimpse of eternity, enough to focus our will and our strength for the odd passage through the light of the Moon.
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