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When I first saw the 3 of Swords my first reaction was that the woman in the card was saying, "Dear me, look what I've done" in a sly, knowing way. Then it lead me to think about sorrow, what it is and how we participate in and perceive sorrow. Somehow, she is responsible for the one dove killing the other, I think that is a stream of blood running down the wall from the fallen dove.
The road and the light down the road shows hope, if only she would look! But she doesn't, she turns away from the light and she is looking off to the left, in the dark.
The single arrow in the heart shows how WE are responsible for our own sorrow. Did we create it? What do we choose to believe is the truth of our sorrow? Sorrow is an unmet expectation. In this case it hints at elements of being self destructive and how that leads to sorrow. Also sorrow is the result of 2 or more people interacting. Can a single person experience sorrow without it being the result of an interaction with another person?
It is a very visceral card, but then I think all of them are!
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