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Originally Posted by rachelcat
I never understood the story of Cain and Abel. Why was Cainís offering not as good as Abelís in Godís sight? Why did God mark Cain so that he WOULDNíT be murdered in turn? What is the story about???
Since nobody else has, I'll take a crack at this.

The exoteric interpretation of the story of Cain and Abel is murder. More specifically the first murder. An esoteric interpretation is that Cain and Abel represent the divided self.

Abel (Heb: HBL) means breath. Latin: Spiritus.

Cain (Heb: QIN) means something which is created.

Abel can be considered the True Self. While Cain is the created self, the Ego.

Why was Abel's offering accepted and Cain's rejected? Cain (the Ego) can't communicate directly with the divine. All his offerings are "of the earth".
Abel (Spiritus) can cummunicate with the divine because he offers blood which is Life.

Lamb (Heb: TLH = 44)

Blood (Heb DM = 44)

"The shedding of blood is necessary, for God did not hear the children of Eve until blood was shed."

Adam - Humanity (Heb: ADM). Shed the blood (DM) and you are left with Aleph, the letter of breath - Spiritus.

In the story, after Cain murders Abel, God finds out (like he didn't already know ) and curses Cain. Places a Mark (AVTh) on Cain's head and sends him away from his sight. It's basically a re-telling of the legend of the Fall. But just like the Fall it's not meant to be a moral tale. It's meant to illustrate how the conscious mind became separated from Super-consciousness. It's a necessary evil that makes existence possible. But it's in no sense a moral judgement.

God places the Mark on Cain's head so that he may never be killed. After that Cain moves to the east of Eden and settles in the land of Nod, which in Hebrew means "wandering". This is a metaphor for the way in which the lower self wanders throughout the cycle of incarnation. Never being killed, but always being re-cast in new forms again and again and again. Until the way back to Eden is found.
(Land of Nod could also be taken as a English pun. The Land of Sleep.)

The Mark of Cain is the key. AVTh. Rather than being the brand of a sinner, it is the mark of initiation. It shows the way back from Malkuth (Tau) to Kether (Aleph) via the Sun (Vau). It is the Mark of the Beast.
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