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Hi Yaboot,

I want to join in, I just noticed this study group today... I have had this deck for a while and I would like to use it more... I also will benefit from studying a deck, as I don't really notice details on the cards yet, on my own.

I notice the peaceful smile on Felix's face. I think that is significant because packing up and moving on can be a very stressful time. There is obviously a lot going into this move, and he just doesn't seem to mind at all.

What I don't understand is if he does use these masks himself or just sells them to others... do you think perhaps he started off needing masks, to cover his mark... and then as time went on he became at peace with himself? So he understands the need for masks, but doesn't need them anymore himself? I looked to see if any at all would fit him... I think they are all too small..

I don't know though. I wonder if we are on the right track. There are many people who struggle with maintaining a double life... is there any significance to the particular mask he is holding? Does he gain his strength and flexibility from a secret... the knowledge he can put on the mask at any time and become a new person?

Just wondering....
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