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Firstly, Molly ... yes, yes, join in with us. We are all having a ball with this deck. It seemed such a lonely expedition at first. Maan had already tried to get some study going before, I think. Now, since we have been talking about it more, Freesiaskye, Melvis and Galadrial are on board. Hedera and Rostie as well.

Speaking for myself, I always found the Phantasmagoric facinating but didn't know how to read with it, which after reading her posts, was why I contacted Maan. Now, however, doing the daily draws like this is a lot of fun ... and finally I AM getting to know the characters - we are on first name aquaintance now! It was so hard to memorise the LWB but this has proved very useful as a study method. It might seem to some to be a lot to absorb when you are meeting a new character each day and with some decks I would say it is. With this one however, it seems right for me. It's enough time to read everyones views and short enough that you don't forget the essences of the card when you have moved on to the next one. I have been printing out the threads as we have been going along so that I have a journal of all the thoughts and opinions given to refer to at another time. It's more of a BBB (Big Black Book) than a Little White one.

Jump in with us as we are moving along, but if you want, the threads go back to the 27th so you can pop in those and learn if you want to; you havn't missed much. The one on Tom Tom (The Knight of swords was a particularly interesting one - Freesiaskye gave him a gardening job).

I agree with you about the mask and how Felix doesn't need it anymore. It's like working in a pub and not feeling the need to drink. He seems pretty confident with his 'set up' and looks forward to the move, I think. If Maan does get to interview Graham Cameron then we'll have to get her to ask him about Felix's barcode! Oh yes, and the blob!!!! Ask him about the blob Maan!!!!! You know how obsessed I have gotten with that!!!! Does the blob have a name????!!! Ask him Maan, pleeeeassseee!!!!! Is it Bob the Blob????????

Hope you enjoy this group Molly ... you are most welcome. Look forward to your posts!

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