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I think the most interesting thing about this deck so far is that normally, in fact I can't think of an exception, I know that the cards are talking to me and I know when a card's energy is referring to me and sometimes I feel like I could get along really well with the people in the cards, but I don't see myself in the cards. But in this deck I actually see myself. I was Fizzy, and I was sitting in the desert with my friends in the 3 of Cups and today, in my own draw (3 card), I was in all three cards. I thought, since Graham has given us such a personal deck, that it would be harder to get "into" it, instead, it has become a very personal deck to me. This is way cool and unique and comes as a welcome surprise.
As to fave cards, that is hard to say. For instance, I wouldn't have picked the 5 of Coins, just to look at. But it fit in so perfectly in my reading today that I laughed out loud. I have a feeling a lot of cards that don't mean much now are going to endear themselves to me as I draw them.
I see Felix as using the masks himself, but not in a hiding, I'm afraid to show my true self, way. I was thinking that it would give him the freedom to try out things that he hadn't formerly associtated with himself. Put a scary mask on, and maybe you can suddenly articulate your anger. Put a girl mask on, and maybe you can transcend your conditioning of "guy" behavior. I think our own labels (I'm a tough guy who never loses his temper) can be the most limiting of all, and Felix is commited to attaining a flexible personality that encompases the whole of being human. This, in turn, gives him greater flexibility of what he can manifest (getting back to this being a coins card:-) So, his masks cover the gamut- something for every part of every act on the stage. He can imagine it because he has experienced it within himself. I think you are on to something, though, that the downside to this could be not identifying enough with any fixed role to reap the benefit of longtime associations- the same house, town and friends. Some roles are more fun the longer you're in them; something you don't find out if you're always "moving (on), gotta keep movin' on" (gads, another Tom Petty attack; freesiaskye and I are prone to them) .

Edited to add: I think the blob is a Pooka, so I've given mine an "H" name, a la Harvey: Huddle.
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