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Originally posted by Maan

About the blob i the only one who considers it female?
BTW the blob is present on some other cards....would that mean something too?
Apparently you are the only one who considers it female Maan. When I see him, he's got a bit of the "lounge lizard' appearance about him, all that falsely hearty bonhomie that doctors exhibit, like when they tell you that you'll never perform "Last Train to Clarksville" again because of those nasty nodes on your throat.

The Blob gets around because he's the doctor, so naturally he has to be on the scene in many instances. He's an onstage kind of guy, and plus he gets to bill more for out-of-office visits. Doctor Burford Boobles takes his responsibilities seriously.

And Yab can call him "Bubba" if he wants--the Doc gave special permission, but his name IS Burford. He told me and I always do what I'm told.

Nark, nark, nark (in my best Three Stooges voice.)
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