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My take on Felix, is that his Mom and Dad were really hoping for a kitten, but instead he was born. So they called him Felix anyway and then had the barcode of a kitten tattooed on his forehead so they could get a lot of laughs from him at the checkout counter and maybe the store wouldn't notice their abysmal credit rating.

When that didn't work, they apprenticed him to a carver at a young age, a nice gentleman who didn't laugh at children and preferred to mentor them and encourage their creative abilities, and that's how Felix got started on learning carving. He went to art college and was given a scholarship to travel around the world researching and creating facsimiles of carved masks from different countries, and while he was doing that he decided to continue on and take a regular university degree in anthropology as well as his art degree.

Now he owns his own business, and remains cheerful and flexible when working on commissions for clients. The Smithsonian bought his entire collection of world masks for a rotating exhibit last year, and they will be looked after and archived for posterity, as will his published thesis on the A-Droit tribe of Papua New Guinea. Felix is always aware of the balance needed in life between humour and seriousness, and remains well grounded despite his success.

He was sad to learn that his parents were electrocuted last year trying to run a barcode scan on each other while in the bath drinking martinis. (This barcode craze really meant a lot to them, they were crazier about barcodes than they ever were about Felix.) So he used his inheritance to start an after school club for children whose parents barcoded them for fun. They are learning calligraphy, collage, and how to make stranded necklaces with round nose pliers and crimp beads. They've already started a co-operative to sell their art and will be using the profits to build a new clubhouse with a machine and woodworking shop. Felix is donating one of his better masks for a silent auction to raise funds for the project.

Felix recently saw an interesting thing online about the history of the barcode.

Now he's building an oscilloscope.

Never stop learning and moving onward Felix!!
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