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Step 11

Nine of pentacles:
Wealth - Responsibility
Contentment – Lonely
Settled – Bored

Page of Swords:
Student – Inattentive
Child – Vulnerable
Carefree- Undisciplined

The Chariot:
Driver- Standstill
Control - Disorder
Decisive – Indecisive

11-2-1 The Emperor

Extreme Right (beneficial) - ordered life, responsible, mentor, non-intrusive parent, fair, just, generous, non-judgmental

Extreme Left (liability) – controlling, authoritarian, demanding, unfeeling, egotistical, judgmental, intrusive parent

11-2-2 I’m at the intrusive parent

11-2-3 I want to be a non-intrusive parent.

What will move me to my preferred position?
Creating a more interesting life for my self and as I do that I intrude less into my children’s lives.

What aspects of the card should I align with: The benevolent caring father.

What part of the image will help?
I think the stream behind the throne because it offers relief from the starkness of the desert and mountains.

I would like to think that coming down from my throne of control and judgment to become more giving, will satisfy my thirst for more intimate interactions.

Wow, I thought this book was about reading cards. I’m learning more about myself and my shadows.

I started this book a while back but I didn’t complete it. It makes sense to as part of a study group, because you can’t run away from the challenging parts.
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