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I think I'm actually the only one to have mentioned this card so far, but the first card that popped up in my face was The Fool. There's something unsettling about the character in it, both that you can't make out the face properly and that body, frozen into a halfway leap. And those fingers are actually quite disturbing.

Justice: This is normally one of my favourite cards. The judge looks so stern and there's not a single part of him that shows any warmth or mercy. The Malleus Maleficarum and the associations it draws to the Burning Times doesn't make it much better.

Judgement: That thing in the green robe is just plain scary

Five of Wands: A very interesting card actually, which brings up a lot of associations and ideas of interpretation. Still pretty creepy though.

Five of Swords: Werewolves have always scared the beejesus out of me, so that's why I added this card as well. But for some reason it doesn't seem all that frightening when looking at the full image. To me the woman doesn't appear to be that afraid of him and there's something about him that makes him seem less menacing somehow.

Seven of Wands: Reminds me a bit of a character from a video game I had as a kid. The title was appropriately enough "Escape from Horrorland" (based on one of the books in the "Goosebumps" series by R.L. Stine).
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