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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
I like the thief of hearts idea. Does he have an actual purpose for the chalice, or is it the image merely symbolic of a traditional negative meaning?

And is it possible that it's an "unholy" (not profane) object that he's making off with, or am I way off in an unlikely direction?
I'm pretty convinced that it's one of those chalices, but I sure hope someone who's read the book or Karen comes by and confirms it. Presuming it is one of those ornate chalices (which evidently can be for kings as well as chapels), I've no doubt that it could be unholy rather than holy. That's as likely a scenario as it being holy and stolen for the purpose of doing something unholy with it.

The look of that castle, like it's in something of a shambles, could easily suggest that this item isn't necessarily good. Maybe our Knight is stealing it from, say, one Powerful Vampire to give it to his Vampire King? But that lamp is lit, and I don't think the knight would light a lantern hanging that high. Which suggests that the castle is occupied.
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