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It's a playing card in the suit of the parrots, it's a Fool and there are bees or flies.
Engraver Beham, ca. 1540, nowadays complete with 48 cards in the Bodleian library, Oxford.

(from a German exhibition catalog ... the 3 pictures above are from the Beham deck, the lower engraving gives evidence, that Beham used the same Fool figure also in other context.

Parrots / 3 Flowers (+ Hares) were the suits in the deck of Master PW (ca. 1500, Cologne) ...

... which were reduced to 4 suits by Telman von Wesel later. The same suits
were used by Johann Bussemecher, Cologne 1591

.. it seems, that Beham used Parrots and Flowers.

Parrots were used also by Virgil Solis 1544 together with other animals, whose suits were used then by Catelyn Geofroy, Lyon 1557, for his Tarot cards.


In the case, that these object are flies ... the antique satirist Lucian had a funny piece about the "fly" , which was used by Leon Battista Alberti in the relevant time ("Musca") ... I wonder, if there was a popular context between flies and fools. The "flies" of Lucian might have been well known in the relevant time.
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