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Sorry, I was unclear!

Agreed, it's definitely that style of chalice that you found...but possibly slightly altered for the sake of this deck. Have a look, if you will, at the website where they show the cards. Click on our knight to magnify. Look at the pointy-eared, grimacing head which is the knob on the lid (often the heraldic royal eagle). Allow yourself to see a hulking body with arms, in the rest of the lid and cup. *Imagine* an "unholy" chalice. Oh, and look again at the knight's blank eyes while you're on the website!

The card's appearance has altered a little from an earlier draft on the website, to what has appeared in print, which suggests to me that the creators attached some importance to these features. Maybe they thought the better of them. I think the thief of hearts interpretation is a perfectly good one, and if that's where it stops, that's fine with me. But there do seem to be those little questions that the aforementioned details raise, like whether this fellow really is Christian, or is just pretending; whether his soul won't let him rest until he destroys that object and its contents, idealist that he is, or whether his "fantastic imagination that might be put to "dark" arts is dominating.

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