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I found this 'Death' card to not fit with the others when I first got this deck and it still is a little 'seperated' from the pudgy, button-hole-eyed characters that frequent the rest of the cards. I think that if he/she had been named, then maybe I would have had more of a relationship with it, rather than the sometimes familiar 'skeleton' of 'death' cards in the tarot.

I see what you mean about the jigsaw piece, Becky. Maybe the closure of the piece means that there is no going back and we have to clear up and carry on.

The sun does offer hope and the trees are inviting. The pedistals/cylindrical stages remind me of the ones that the Fool used on his first journey. Maybe they remind us that we need to try and start a new again and remember how exciting that can be.

I am warming to this card now that I understand it a bit better. Maybe it would have been easier for me if it had been one of the other characters, rather than the skeleton that doesn't show much 'character' to me. I can imagine the 'Lunatic of Negativity' smashing up a theatre set and I can see that 'yellow blob' (havn't seen him in a bit), blobbing its way over a room and trashing it to peices to end a cycle.

Best wishes

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